Cedar Court Hub - Mural

It was such a rich experience for me to join with the communities of Mayland Heights and Vista Heights to create a mural that brings attention to the Cedar Court Hub. Working with the City of Calgary and the United Way, we sought out input from the community at Summer Festivals and local Barbecue events. We asked neighbors what images they would like to see on a mural that celebrates their community. We sat down informally with the people right in Cedar Court to ask them their opinion. 

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Annette Bennett
Barlow/Max Bell LRT users directed around adjacent private property – LiveWire Calgary

Crossroads Community Association president Larry Leach said the updated signage and fencing repairs are welcome. He still has questions around the planning elements of future upgrades.

“I’m not certain of the wisdom of past planning ideas like designing things the way we want people to behave, as opposed to the way we actually behave. The current planning thinking, as I understand it, is to look at the way people are behaving – like walked on, beat down paths – and make those more permanent,” Leach said.

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Courtney Tario