Bingo Volunteering

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The CCA urgently needs someone to take over the Bingo Coordinator job. Sandy Johnson has been doing an amazing job for the past 17 years and now it is time for her to step down.  

Do you have children registered in preschool, scouts, guides, soccer or any other non profit organization? this would be a great volunteer job  for you as you can earn credits towards the fees of these programs. 

Or do you just want to do your part for the community? Let us know. 

Please email or  for more information. 

Job description (the CCA is willing to help out in anyway) This job can also be shared between two people. 

  • liaison between the bingo barn and the community association.

  • fills all bingo's scheduled by the Bingo Barn with required number of  volunteers making sure you have volunteers that can work all required positions

  • Keeps detailed records of all bingo's worked by each volunteer

  • Is the contact for the volunteers to cash in bingo credits

  • Supplies treasurer with requisition to collect credits, obtain check, and deliver to worker or arrange for pickup 

  •  knowledge of gaming rules around bingo's is beneficial

  • Required to attend bingo barn's quarterly meetings

  • Required to obtain a check from the crossroads treasurer to pay for the concession.

  • Attends crossroads general meeting and provide a report on bingo pooling and any updates from the barns quarterly meetings.

  • Must be available to chair most bingo's if required. Or provide the chair with a list of bingo workers.  

  • Needs knowledge of all bingo positions at the bingo hall . chair , coordinator, verifier, floor worker, ball seller, paymaster, money runner and special game sellers.